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Commercial Fishing Industry Supports Liberals on Marine Parks

The commercial fishing industry in South Australia is supporting the Liberal Party’s “sensible approach” on marine park policy in the lead-up to next month’s State Election.
To coincide with the launch of a new video today about how the Weatherill Government’s marine park sanctuary zones threaten the livelihoods of local fishers and regional communities, the commercial fishing sector is urging all South Australians to join them when casting their vote on March 15.

Executive Officer of the South Australian Rock Lobster Advisory Council Inc (SARLAC), Justin Phillips, says the commercial fishing industry’s future will be shaped by what happens on election day.

SA Rock Lobster Industry ‘Draws the Line’

South Australia’s multi-million dollar rock lobster industry has been included in a soon-to-be-released documentary bringing a fishermen’s perspective to the political decision to implement the world’s largest network of marine reserves in Australian waters. 

South Australian Rock Lobster Advisory Council (SARLAC) Executive Officer, Justin Phillips, said the industry was pleased to be involved in the much-anticipated documentary, Drawing The Line, which features interviews with fishermen from some of the most remote locations along the State’s coastline.

Drawing The Line will tell an objective story about marine parks and demonstrates that it’s possible to deliver effective protection for the marine environment by dealing with real threats without unnecessarily excluding highly sustainable fisheries that support regional families and communities for political reasons,” Mr Phillips said.

Labor Marine Parks Process - ‘A Farce’

The South Australian Labor Government’s recently announced marine parks network has been described by the South Australian Rock Lobster Advisory Council Inc (SARLAC) as a total debacle and farce.

SARLAC Executive Officer, Mr Justin Phillips, said it is clear the Government has been working towards a pre-determined, politically driven and symbolic outcome on this issue and is now hiding behind a token consultation process.

Fishing Industry Supports Marine Parks Report – Provides ‘Unlimited Potential’

The SA Marine Parks Management Alliance, which represents commercial fishers in South Australia, today strongly endorsed the report issued by the Centre for Policy Development (CPD), a think-tank linked to marine conservation lobby groups. The report, authored by theoretical economist Catherine Hoisinger showed that South Australia’s proposed marine parks sanctuary areas would generate a net profit of $22.8 million per year in ‘ecosystem services’. Previously the SA Government had calculated there would be a net loss of $63.9 million in implementing them….

Net Cast Wider on Marine Park Costs

Thousands of South Australian businesses may be eligible for compensation as a result of proposed marine park impacts according to legal advice received by the South Australian Marine Parks Management Alliance.

Alliance Chairman, Dr Gary Morgan, says the advice indicates that those eligible to apply for compensation as a result of marine park impacts could be far more wide ranging than just affected commercial fishers.

Government ‘Not Listening’ on Marine Parks

Yesterday’s release of draft marine park management plans and impact assessments again shows the Government is not listening to the concerns of regional South Australian’s regarding the economic impacts of poorly-designed marine parks.

Marine Parks - The Real Impact

The South Australian Rock Lobster Advisory Council Inc (SARLAC) has released a new, independent, scientific report documenting the real impacts of the South Australian Government’s proposed network of marine parks.

Public being ‘mislead’ by new DENR Propaganda

The commercial fishing industry has reacted angrily to a recent mail blitz by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

The claim that “agreement has been reached between the conservation, recreational and commercial fishing sectors on zoning for SA’s marine parks” was contained on an emotive postcard distributed over the past few days by DENR to a large number of individuals and organisations in both metropolitan and rural South Australia.

Marine Parks - Net Gain for SA?

The viability of the South Australian Northern Zone Rock Lobster Fishery is now in question following last Friday’s release of revised marine parks sanctuary zones.

While the revised proposal saw a reduction in the total number of ‘no-take’ zones, their placement has encompassed some of the most viable SA rock lobster fishing grounds.

Marine Parks - The Beginning of the End

The Marine Parks Management Alliance, representing SA’s commercial fishing industry has welcomed the Premier’s announcement regarding the draft sanctuary zones for marine parks.

Dr Gary Morgan, Alliance Chairman, said the announcement was a significant step in ending a decade of business uncertainty for the commercial fishing industry, and other industries dependent on a vibrant and prosperous fishing industry in regional South Australia.